Angela Faustina

Angela Faustina

Atlanta, GA

Angela Faustina’s sticky-sweet oil paintings transform glistening fruit into its own unique world. Capturing perfectly ripe, juicy fruit flesh in each brushstroke, her artwork focuses on the beauty and vibrancy of life. These paintings are bright, lively, intimate, and bold as hell. Walking the line between realism and idealism, these are not your traditional still life paintings. 

Close-cropped but not confined, Faustina’s fruit is a complex landscape that serves as a bridge from the universal to the personal. Magnifying often overlooked and minute details, textures, and patterns beneath the peel parallels the heightened awareness and attention that her body demands due to her lupus. The dichotomy between vibrant color and delicate intricacies of her fruit paintings echoes the strength and fragility inherent to chronic illness. 

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