Our Artists

our commitment to working closely with artists

We partner with a diverse group of local artists whose work we believe in. The Print Shop sources prints from local artists, photographers, and graphic designers, collaborating with those who have never sold their art before, as well as those who are well known in Atlanta. We want to bring unique, high quality pieces to the walls of Atlanta homes and businesses. Get to know the faces behind the prints:

Alice Serres


Angela Faustina

Ash Rader

Austin Blue

Bea Domingo

Cathryn Bozone

Carla Contreras

Colton Wheatley

Courtney Hicks

Dasha Lebedev

Elaine Stephenson

Erin Dickman

Fangyu Ma


Ivy Wu

Jason Pundt

Jenny Brown

Jeremy Brown

Joelle Grace Taylor

Julio Brenes

Kayleen Scott


Kylie Blue

Lauren Head

Leia Genis

Nicole Merizalde

Mark Rockwood

Meredith Anne White

Peter Ferrari

Pope Ariza

Rachel Howard


Sam Johnson

Tanner Wilson

Tara Patronik

Tom Davii

Trevor Blesse

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