Forrest Newton

Forrest Newton

Atlanta, GA

"My name's Forrest Newton (@thebigfignewton). I grew up on a horse farm far away from any big city – so growing up in the aughts, any piece of contemporary digital media I could find was cherished, turned over a thousand times until I had truly absorbed it into my personality. Flash games, early Youtube, Indie Rock, Toonami, Halo 3, ...Homestar Runner – glittery nuggets of media from all sources turned into one pulsing, glowing mass of inspiration that exploded out of my mind and onto the margins of any notebook paper I had in front of me. With my first big birthday check I bought a Wacom tablet and the rest is history. By day, I'm a full-time graphic designer, but I love to return to the whacky doodling that has grounded me through my many years as a creative."

Medium: Digital art mostly, but crayons if they're around... I love crayons.

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