Julio Brenes

Julio Brenes

Atlanta, GA

Julio, an architect and illustrator, is the creative force behind DrawThatOut, where architectural discipline meets artistic exploration. His art, influenced by structured architectural training and a passion for sketching, vividly brings Melbourne's coffee culture to life. Mastering mediums like fountain pens, markers, and acrylic paints, Julio captures moments, transforming them into visual narratives. Each piece reflects his architectural precision, enriched with vibrant artistic flair. At DrawThatOut, Julio's creations span from detailed architectural renderings to whimsical illustrations, each telling its own unique story. His work is a testament to his belief in the power
of line-work as a language, where the flow of ink and color narrates tales of places, people, and experiences. Whether it's capturing the bustling energy of a café or the serene elegance of a building, Julio's art invites viewers into a world where architecture and imagination intertwine, offering a fresh perspective on the familiar. Julio now lives with his young family in the U.S., where he continues to draw inspiration from his experiences. Despite the distance, he maintains a strong connection with both Australia and his native Costa Rica, often infusing
his works with elements from these cultures.

Medium: black ink and digital.

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