Pope Ariza

Pope Ariza

Atlanta, GA

Pope Ariza is a Colombian born artist currently residing in Atlanta, GA, whose creations emanate joy and celebrate the essence of wonder. Through loose figurative works, Pope welcomes the viewer into a world of discovery, play and joyous self-exploration. Her work captures the simplicity and beauty of life's moments. The artist finds inspiration in Colombian nature and culture, her life experiences between America and her hometown, the simplicity of a minimalist lifestyle, her life's journey through purpose, self-discovery and motherhood.

Her paintings serve as portals to a world where every stroke tells a story of introspection and interconnectedness. With each piece, she seeks to evoke a sense of wonder and harmony, reminding us of the boundless possibilities that lie within and around us. Pope is passionate about creating a meaningful life that has room for growth, self-love, spirituality, creativity and balance. Through journaling and painting she remains in touch with her soul. “Where my soul is happy, there I will.”

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