Vanna Black

Vanna Black

Atlanta, GA

Vanna Black is a self-taught artist, and skilled graphic designer who obtained her BFA from Georgia State University in hybrid design. Her art displays colorful abstract, motion-filled landscapes and floral imagery inspired by a connection to  sustaining  a  piece  of  mind, existing in the now. Vanna’s mission is to use composition, color, scale and balance to open the viewer's mind for internal reflections about one's own thoughts on the world and other perspectives. She visualizes a world where everyone is nurturing each other while learning about how to be self-maintaining like Nature. 

An  Atlanta native,  raised in Ormewood Park neighborhood of Atlanta GA, She utilizes her design skills solely to paint fabric-like surface patterns. Vanna is  an active member of  CreativeMornings, a global media company, of the Atlanta chapter and has volunteered for The Creative Project, an Atlanta-based non-profit organization. Vanna has worked with clients such as City of Atlanta, Namara Agency, and even Hermès. She has created a few local residential mural collectors also. 

Medium: Acrylic on wood

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