Who We Are

Our Mission

The Print Shop exists to bring more art to more people in ways that are both accessible and unique. We stand as a testament to that shared connection we experience when we stand still for a moment and appreciate something beautiful, just because we can.

Who We Are

Our Artists

We partner with a diverse group of local artists whose work we believe in. Get to know the faces behind the prints.

Our Artists
Who We Are

Our Team

We’re art people. Our team is comprised of artists, collectors, and admirers. As such, we are committed to curating the best assortment of artwork possible, while directly supporting the artists we work with.

Meet the Team
Our Standards

We Care About Our Prints

We take a curatorial approach to all our prints. That’s why all prints are digitally signed by the artist, editioned,  hand-numbered, and embossed with a Print Shop logo watermark. Each print also includes a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

Certificate of Authenticity

Signed by the artist, the certificate assures that the piece is an authentic, fine art archival print.

Embossed with our Logo

Each of our exclusive prints carries an embossed watermark for The Print Shop by FreeMarket Gallery, ensuring its authenticity.

Hand-Numbered Series

Each piece within our collection is printed and editioned as part of a limited series. Each print is hand-numbered by our production team.

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